The mass media pressure theory

The mass media pressure theory

The mass media pressure theory is a concept for monitoring media organizations as a body conceived to address stereotype. It is like an anti-virus designed to act as a shoring system to news, advertising and movies in order to prevent stereotypes from media practitioners. Because stereotypes affect our perception of others through the structure of the mass media, pressure must be exerted to quell its powers in our society.

The ability to respond to problems related to stereotypes in our society will also change the perceptions of ethnic communities, as currently seen in our society. Good judgment is required to ensure that stereotype does not create discrimination.

Similar to the theory of the earth pressure, the mass media pressure theory will act in the same way to prevent stereotypes in society as a shore system does. Perhaps it is a good idea at this point to introduce the real definition of the earth pressure theory to help clarify what the role of the theory of the mass media pressure theory.

  “The Earth pressure is the lateral force exerted by the soil on a shoring system. It is dependent on the soil structure and the interaction or movement with the retaining system. Due to many variables, shoring problems can be highly indeterminate. Therefore, it is essential that good engineering judgment be used (California, p.2).” 

The mass media pressure theory is a media monitoring body, which is supposed to act as an anti-virus, similar to a shore. Its role is to prevent the spread of stereotypes by monitoring the contents shown, read, or heard from the mass media by acting as a pressure model in addressing the issues. Its functions will be as an “activist”, rather than a “regulator;” therefore, it will act as a public advocate when mass media licenses are renewed.

While the role of the mass media pressure will vary depending on the various actors involved in the creation of advertisements, news, and movies, its influence will push decisions makers to consider the point of view of the mass media pressure members, thereby acting as a vaccine to prevent the spread of stereotypes in future works. Perhaps one could think that this theory will act as a media police, but the mass media pressure theory is not there to charge, arrest, or prosecute those responsible because it does not have any powers, except, its influence. Together with the public support to sanction those responsible for promoting stereotypes from the mass media, violators will be sent letters of complaints directly from the members of the public as well as inform government regulators, the organizations responsible for the advertisements, movies and news, and or national campaigns may be launched against stereotypical images projected in the mass media demanding those responsible to stop stereotyping minorities.   

The illustration of the diagram below shows how the media pressure theory will function to address stereotypes in the news, advertising, and movies.

“The media have an obligation to provide society with reliable, accurate, reflective image of their society to dispel the growing trends of stereotypical images often portrayed.”

Marc Pandi Bapaga, author of “The mass media pressure theory”


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